Israeli Army Discharges Soldier for Killing Palestinian Civilian

PNN – Palestine News Network – 20.01.11 – 12:10

Tal Aviv – PNN – The Israeli army announced on Wednesday that it decided to discharge a soldier for killing an innocent 65-year-old Palestinian man during a military raid earlier this month in Hebron.

Omar al-Qawasmeh, 65, was killed on January 7 by Israeli troops as he slept in his bed in his Hebron home. Troops stormed his house in the early morning and targeted a home in which the army says Hamas operatives were living.

Soldiers stormed al-Qawasmeh’s house and shot him as he slept. Later it turned out that soldiers were looking for another man who lived in the flat under al-Qawasmeh. Witnesses of the attack say soldiers did not wait to verify the identity of al-Qawasmeh before they shot him.


Omar al-Qawasmeh’s wife show his bed (PNN Archive).

al-Qawasmeh’s son Raja’eh stated that the soldiers broke into the home, headed directly to the bedroom of his parents, and fired several rounds at his upper body and face.  Raja’eh added that his mother was not hurt as she was conducting dawn prayers. The soldiers forced her into the room of her disabled son and proceeded to kill her husband.

The Israeli army announced that an Israeli soldier opened fire on al-Qawasmeh after he felt his life was threatened.

According to the Israeli army investigation, the first soldier who shot al-Qawasmeh was acting within the army rules of engagement but the second soldier who continued to fire at al al-Qawasmeh had acted ”unprofessionally” and would be discharged.

The Israeli army concluded by saying that it deeply regret the death of Omar al-Qawasmeh. The army statement made to remarks on whether the soldier will be facing a criminal trial or not.


PNN – Palestine News Network – Israeli Army Discharges Soldier for Killing Palestinian Civilian.

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