IPS bargains to heal attempted murder victim for his silence

[ 09/02/2011 – 10:39 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli prison service has bargained to treat a Palestinian man who was poisoned at the Eishel prison for his silence to the media over the attempted hit, the prisoner affairs ministry in Gaza reported.

Haitham Izzat Saliheyya, who is serving a life sentence, has absolutely refused the deal, saying he means to expose the act so it will not be repeated.

A prisoner working as an agent there slipped a toxic pill into Saliheyya’s coffee a few weeks back in an attempt on his life.

He has since experienced severe headaches with constant buzzing causing loss of concentration as well as chest pains and numbness of the hand and foot. His memory has also been affected.

The prison administration has not yet hospitalized Saliheyya and has refused to allow a doctor to inspect him, said Riyadh al-Ashkar, director of the ministry’s media department.

Ashkar considered the administration’s bargaining for his silence a clear confession to the hit.

IPS bargains to heal attempted murder victim for his silence.

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