Dennis Ross: Go Home, You Are Not Welcome in Palestine – by Khalid Amayreh


By Khalid Amayreh | PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, June 21, 2011


So Dennis Ross is back in town in occupied Palestine. He is succeeding the failed U.S. envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell who proved himself too cowardly, too obsequious and too pliant especially in the face of Israeli arrogance and insolence.

Mitchell thought that by employing nice words and  habitually invoking America’s iron-clad commitment to Israel, whether it goes right or goes wrong and whether its continues to build illegal settlements on occupied land or not, Israel’s would probably make some steps, even reluctant ones, on the road to peace.

However, the shocking insolence (and utter disrespect) he often received during  his multiple visits to occupied Palestine at the hands of Israeli  leaders and officials, seemed to have convinced the obviously gutless and spineless diplomat to quit it if only to retain his personal  dignity and  not be accused of anti-Semitism.

Mitchell told his equally helpless superior, President Obama, of his impressions. Obama listened and nodded his head, which could be a gesture of desperation and helpless indignation vis-à-vis the powerful Israeli lobby which controls the American government, congress and much of the media.

Nearly totally at loss as to what ought to be done  to restrain  Israeli rejectionsim and intransigence, Obama decided once again to dispatch Dennis Ross, the once-tried and often-proven venomous Zionist reptile to  occupied  Palestine, hoping  that  he  will succeed in convincing  the weak Palestinian leadership  to succumb to  the whims  and vagaries of Jewish fascism especially those voiced ad nauseam by clearly  psychotic Jewish  supremacists and megalomaniacs such asBenyamin Netanyahu and his cohorts both in Washington and  Occupied Jerusalem.

In truth, the last thing in the world that Ross is capable of doing is working   toward a true and just peace in Occupied Palestine. In recent statements, he was quoted as saying that in order for peace to prevail, the Palestinians would have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

For those who can’t read behind the headlines, this is a clear allusion to another Palestinian Nakba or catastrophe.

What this fanatical,   Zionist extremist is suggesting is that the Palestinian leadership, e.g.  The PLO or the Palestinian Authority (PA) should recognize Israel’s “right” to expel nearly two million Palestinians in what is now Israel. After all, these people are goyem or non-Jews and Israel is a Jewish state. Such would be the new Talmudic reasoning of the contemplated new Nakba, now being devised and envisaged by the likes of Dennis Ross under the misleading rubric of “two states for two peoples.”

For those who don’t know, these two million Palestinians preceded and predated the immigration to Palestine of Khazari land-thieves, such as Benyamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres from Eastern Europe, at least by a thousand years.

This is really what recognizing Israel as a Jewish state implies, a Jewish state without non-Jews or at the very least with as few non-Jews as possible.

More to the point, Ross during the Clinton administration demonstrated a stunning bias in Israel’s favor. This is to put it very mildly.

According to one Palestinian negotiator who took  part in  numerous rounds of these failed talks, Ross often adopted views and stands that were even more extreme than those voiced by Israeli negotiators.

On many occasions, the chief Palestinian negotiator Sa’eb Ereikat described Ross as “Israel’s advocate, par excellance.”

It is really hard to imagine any positive contributions by Ross. This is the conclusion that the hopelessly pliant Palestinian leadership in Ramallah should have reached a long time ago.

In the Palestinian culture, we often invoke the following prophetic hadith or saying by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH): la yoldagho al-Mo’emno min juhren waheden marratayen, which means that a believer shouldn’t be bitten by the same snake twice.

Unfortunately, due the imbecility, stupidity and naivety of the Palestinian leadership, we have been bitten by the same snake, and from the same hole, numerous times.

Which begs the question:  when will we ever learn from out mistakes and blunders?

Today, Ross, the venomous Zionist reptile, who obviously has no iota of honesty and rectitude, will try to bamboozle and cajole PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his never-repenting aides to drop plans to ask the UN General Assembly for recognition of Palestinian statehood this September. He will probably employ a combination of carrots and sticks to “get the message through to a leadership” that it is facing a growing dilemma of either appeasing an America that is at  Israel’s beck  and call and losing  the support and backing of the Palestinian masses or doing the opposite by refusing and resisting  the bullying, coercion and political bribery of Washington, which would allow it to retain its own people’s backing.

By now, the PA should have discovered the utter foolishness of relying on let alone believing or trusting any promises made by Washington. Hence, there is no point  really in  holding  serious negotiations   with the representatives of an administration that shakes  to the core at the very thought of saying or doing   something that might be disquieting for the real rulers of America, the Zionist Jews.

In the final analysis, why speak to the monkey when you can speak to the organ grinder. And if there is no point in talking to the organ grinder, then the PA should reach to the same conclusion that King Abdullah has reached, namely that Israel doesn’t want peace and that the Israeli Jewish society is moving to the “hard right,” a clear euphemism connoting Jewish fascism, with all its repulsive and virulent manifestations.

I mentioned the King of Jordan because his candid testimony, which was made in a recent interview with the Washington Post carries a special weight  and should be accorded all the seriousness and attention it deserves since  the King has no interest in being unduly pessimistic about peace in the region.

Hence, Palestinians at all levels have the right to ask: where are we heading? When will we extricate ourselves from American lies and Israeli deception?  And above all, when will we ever learn from the thousands of pitfalls and blunders we have faced ever since we got involved in this scandalous peace  process that only gave us more hateful Jewish  colonies, more ethnic cleansing, more apartheid and more land theft?

Khalid Amayreh is an American- educated journalist living in the West Bank town of Dura. He can be reached by email at the following: amayreh [ at ]


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