After Shalit Deal, Prisoners Group Warns Against “Slouching” in Hunger Strike Solidarity

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PNN – Palestine News Network 12.10.11 – 20:11

PNN – The day after Israel and Hamas agreed on a prisoner swap releasing 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies (PCPS) warned against “slouching” in the solidarity movement with the ongoing hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

Palestinians march in solidarity with prisoners inside Israel (PNN Archive).
The hunger strike which includes nearly 250 prisoners, entered its sixteenth day on Wednesday and at least one high-profile prisoner, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) secretary-general Ahmed Saadat, entered a coma.
Rafat Hamdouneh, director of the PCPS, said solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike would have to remain strong “in these hard times” and called on all Palestinians to support them “until the prisoners claim victory over their jailers and obtain all their rights.”
Hamdouneh said the Israeli prisons administration was “still ignoring the demands of the prisoners and continuing to harass, punish, and penalize them, as well as transfer striking prisoners and isolate their leaders.”


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