Dismissed employees warn Fayyad’s government of staging an open sit-in

[ PIC 25/09/2012 – 11:55 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– A number of employees, dismissed from their jobs on political grounds, staged yesterday a sit-in in front of Council of Ministers of Ramallah government to demand the implementation of Supreme Court’s decision to let them immediately return to their jobs.

Among the participants in the sit-in were three teachers; Ahmed Wahdan who has launched on Sunday an open-ended hunger strike, Marwan al-Aqra and Ummar Mayadma.

The protestors had informed the government about their intention to begin a continuous sit-in and an open-ended hunger strike. Yet, after they received documented promises from Ramallah “government” to meet their demands, they decided to suspend their protest for a week to give the government the opportunity to implement the court’s decision and let them return to their jobs.

The Palestinian Supreme Court had issued a judicial ruling on Tuesday September 4, 2012 considering Fayyad government’s decisions to dismiss the employees for political reasons illegal and void and ordered the government to reinstate them. However, Fayyad government ignored the Court’s decision.

The number of employees dismissed from their governmental jobs for reasons related to their political affiliation is estimated at thousands, including nearly 800 school teachers.


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