PALESTINE NEWS | June 7, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 7,  2013 | 24200 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2186 days
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Family denies govt account of deadly Gaza raid – Ma’an News Agency

Risheq condemns the arrest of MP Fuqaha

Egypt police shoot, injure Palestinian in Sinai raid

Jewish associations call for storming Al-Aqsa Mosque next Sunday

Female detainee undergoes surgery

Israel bans West Bank journalist from travel

Pro-Palestine march to be held globally

UN in multi-billion-dollar Syria aid appeal

UN calls for record $5.2 billion aid package for Syria

IOA accepts releasing political prisoners of 1948-occupied territories

UAE Charity donates $200000 to Palestine –

G4S Annual General Meeting Dominated by Controversy Over Israeli Prison Contracts

Haniyeh: Islamic peoples’ unity is the way to liberate Jerusalem

Palestinian medical workers in Syria struggle to provide basic services

2 women injured in Jerusalem march

374 Ministers For 4,4 Million Palestinians in 19 Years? ّ

“We are the army,we will catch you or we will come to your house” – Soldiers threaten children

6 Injured in accidents in Jericho and Salfit

Wild West Bank: Might makes right in Israel-Palestine settlement standoff

Israel detains two fishermen off Gaza coast

Tariq Shadid in OBA Live: ‘een dief heeft altijd wel een verhaal’ ~ by @docjazzmusic

#GazaUnderAttack | June 7, 2013 | Full List of 182 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

Israeli forces detain 2 fishermen off Gaza coast

What Bradley Manning showed the world about Israel/Palestine #bradleymanning #wikileaks

‘Jerusalem Post’ compares labeling settlement products to Nazism

Journal: Palestinian farmer wounded by Israeli army fire – International Solidarity Movement

PHOTOS | Israelis scrawl ‘Death to Arabs’ in Salfit

Statistics: 1.3 million Palestinians remain food insecure – Courtesy of the UN Lobbied by Zionists

UNRWA receives e-learning award
And still fail to LIVE UP to their own mission statement

Why I Oppose Political Institutions In Palestine ~ by @YasirTineh

Hamas: Refugee camps should be spared political wrangling (Includes Album: Palestine ‘s Refugees)

VIDEO | 7 Month Old Baby Sana’ Eshtewy Injured by Israeli Occupation Forces In Kufur Qaddoum

PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli troops wound 7 civilians, including 2 children, in attacks this week

Must See Video | Reality of life for fishermen in Gaza – 6 miles of sea

UN Grants Urgent Aid To Palestinian Victims Of Settler Violence

Will U keep bowing your head to the occupier destroying it now?

“Israel one of world’s most unpopular countries and it’s getting worse”: BBC survey

Source: Syrian army retakes Golan frontier crossing

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister: Government ‘Will Be Against’ Any Palestinian State

Palestinian farmer wounded by Israeli army fire ~ Report with Photos by @rosa_schiano

Human rights violations in occupied Palestinian territory cannot be distorted . – @UN News Centre

VIDEO: Olmert jokes being called ‘war criminal’ may restore his reputation in Israel as activists disrupt D.C. speech

Shocker: Convicted Israeli paedophile legally adopts 4-year-old Indian girl

15th PA cabinet sworn in

Berawi: The global march to Jerusalem to launch Friday in 40 states | #GM2J

Infant Injured After Inhaling Gaza Fired By Israeli Soldiers Invading Kufur Qaddoum Village

GROUNDBREAKING REPORT | How Europe helps sustain Israel’s illegal settlements (Settling: Still a warcrime by law)


IOA releases Wasfi Qabaha after 2 years in administrative detention

New Palestinian government sworn in

Thousands of settlers protected by Israeli army damage property in Palestinian neighbourhood

Gaza joins Global March to Jerusalem – Ma’an News Agency

‘Israel in rush to finish Golan fence’

G4s meeting stormed by pro-Palestinians

Hamas and Hezbollah dismiss rumours of Beirut office closure

Activist: Baby hurt in army raid on Kafr Qaddum

Palestinian Minister Released After Two Years In Captivity

Gaza joins Global March to Jerusalem

Bethlehem residents welcome released prisoner

Car torched in Jerusalem in suspected settler attack

Settlers assault farmer near Nablus

Israeli navy fires toward fishermen boats, arrests two of them

Employees union welcomes cabinet reshuffle

Wild West Bank: Might makes right in Israel-Palestine settlement standoff – RT

Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria find hope in Gaza #Genieo

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