Rightist Facebook group: How do we get explosives?

Friday, March 25 2011|Dimi Reider| +972 Magazine

Zion Fighters” is a steadily growing ultra-rightist group that’s trying hard to become  a real organisation. Its imagery and language are extremely militant, rallying against non-Jewish MKs, left wingers and, obviously, Arabs. But last night members of their Facebook group broke a record of sorts:

Aviv Tam: Who can get C4 [plastic explosives]?

Karin Cohen: Lol great question I didn’t manage to get a gun and you’re talking to me about C4? We have a stupid country every 8 years old in Gaza has a bazooka, I’m older than him and I want a gun and can’t get it, there [in Gaza] as much weapons as there’s  sand baaaah

Gorge Jacluine: if u need to buy a gun and cant just build a mechanisem to shoot a bullet then u most likely shouldnt have one in the first place… : )

Aviv Tam: It’s all humorously, right?!

Karin Cohen: I’m actually about taking it seriously…

Aviv Tam: Me too, I mean it’s off the record.


Note that judging by the profile pictures, Tam at least appears to be a soldier in the IDF.


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