Gaza ministry condemns Israeli plan to build 1,000 new units in J’lem

[ 11/11/2010 – 11:20 AM ]


MAKKAH, (PIC)– The religious affairs ministry in Gaza denounced a plan by Israel’s Jerusalem municipality to build a thousand residential units in the southern section of the city, calling for a serious stop “to curb the growing Israeli creeping into Palestinian land.”

Palestinian Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Talib Abu Sha’ar said in a statement Wednesday that the plan confirms “the extent of danger of Israeli’s systemic policies, and exposes the size of violations the occupational force engages in.”

Sha’ar said Israel’s illegal settlement schemes always follow the steps of its diplomatic relations with foreign parties.

The plan “came in conjunction with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington to meet the U.S. Vice President.”

The Jerusalem municipality’s district planning committee has set sights on building 930 new residential units for Jewish settlers in Area C outside of the territories occupied in 1948 and expanding the Har Homa B the district of the city with 48 new residential units, and published another plan to build 320 units in the Ramot district.

Gaza ministry condemns Israeli plan to build 1,000 new units in J’lem.

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